Blog Etiquette

Does “blog etiquette” exist for the reader and commentor? (Surely there is blog etiquette for the writer, but that is not the focus of this entry.)

For example, in real life if someone says, “I’m really struggling with …” OR “My friend is very sick …” only the most callous person would not respond or, worse, say something unrelated.

But this seems to happen often on blogs. Someone writes about her struggles or that his friend is ill, and noone comments or they comment with something totally unrelated. Has that ever happened to you? How did you feel?

Further, is it proper to comment in order to answer another’s comment? For example, if I leave a question in response to your post, should you reply by commenting on your post? Or should you personally email me or write up another blog entry in response? Or are you allowed to ignore my question?

[nb: with the rise of CoComment this may be a moot issue.]

I’m not sure that real life etiquette applies online (and if not, my whole argument falls), but with real and online life distinctions increasingly blurring, we need to come to some sort of conclusion lest we all have different expectations (which will only lead to conflict).

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