Christian Manga

“I’m constantly amazed at how quickly Christian teen media has literally been able to copy every youth trend and produce its own version.” – writes Anastasia Goodstein, publisher of Ypulse a “daily news and commentary about Generation Y” in response to the new Christian manga.

Should Christians create such a subculture* OR should we be involved in the dominant culture (rather than create our own)?

>> Jesus’ exhortation to be salt and light would seem to favor the latter.  But this is so much more difficult and messy than the former!

>> In addition, when Christians create their own subculture, they feel good about reading novels, watching movies and listening to music that is void of cuss words, sex, and illicit drug use BUT, ironically, the subtle sins of materialism, greed, lust and idolatry may still very well be present.  (“I just have to have that new [Christian bad CD].  Their singer is so hott!  I worship him!”)

>> Finally, when we simply copy what the world has, are we using the God-given gifts of creativity?**

“I’ve seen so many churches borrowing from the mainstream world, tweaking logos or commercials to promote their own sermon series. How lame is that? Is parody the highest form of flattery? Are people somehow more interested because it not so subtlety reminds them of the Gap? ….

Would the church of God please rise up and be original? We’ve been blessed with creativity, so let’s use it to come up with something that can stand on its own, rather than make sorrowful copies of corporate imagery. ”

If you’re interested in reading more on these Christ and culture, I recommend books by John Fischer.

[*i don’t mean to slam Serenity.  i think it can be helpful.  i only mean to use it to bring up an issue.
**this is something i wrestle with ‘cuz i think spoofing / parody is hilarious (cf. Lazy Sunday’s success!), but some of it does get super cheesy.]

4 thoughts on “Christian Manga

  1. Let me give you the perspective of a secular humanist. It may give you kids a sense of culture, but it’s one built on the the most ugly parts of the popular culture. It’s based on consumerisim and material lust. IMO, Christians that are X gen and younger don’t really have a distinct culture that makes them any distinct from any other person in their generation.

    On a side note, one thing that bothers me about Christian “marketing” used on Christian t-shirts and on Church signs are that use puns to get their point across. IMO, why should I take your religion seriously, when you don’t. It cheapens Christ to the point of silliness.

    If one is to take the gospels as truth, there is nothing funny about spiritual matters.

    My 2 cents, for what it’s worth.

  2. This was a VERY well written post. I know I am a little late to seeing it, but I would agree with everything you said.

    Why must we emulate everything instead of being original? To me, it is like a cop out to be creative and really focus on what you are doing. Churches have been doing this for years now – but it still gets old. It’s cheesy, and that is how it is seen by many in the ‘secular culture’.

    However, do you think this ‘trend’ will ever change?

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