How to set up web streaming for free


Quicktime Streaming Chart

The AV signal goes from the camera over firewire to the computer. The computer uses two software programs: QuickTime Broadcaster (QB) and Darwin Streaming Server (DSS). QB takes the AV signal and hands it off to the DSS which then broadcasts it to the Internet. Because Internet users will need to access the DSS on your computer, you will need to open up a port (usually port 80).


1. Download and install QuickTime Broadcaster (QB).

2. Download and install Darwin Streaming Server (DSS) giving the appropriate information when prompted.

3. Configure DSS by first going here: and logging in. Then go to “General Settings”; then click “Change Movie Broadcast Password”. I checked “Allow unrestricted broadcasting”, but you might want some security.

Change Broadcast Username/Password

4. Connect your camera and turn it on (hint: in my miniDV camera, I must take the tape out or it will turn off after a few minutes).

5. Configure QB by launching QB and then going to the “Network” tab. For “transmission” select “Automatic Unicast (Announce)” and then enter the IP address of your computer on the LAN (“internal IP address”) for the “Host Name” (or enter “localhost”).

(hint: if you don’t know your internal IP address, you can go to “System Preferences –> Network” OR you can install IPMenu)

You’ll also need to enter the username / password if you set these up in #3 above.

Quicktime Broadcaster

You can experiment with the “Audio” and “Video” tabs to get the proper settings for your situation.

6. Open up port 80 on your router and have it forward to the IP address of your computer on the LAN (again, “internal IP address”). Usually, this is done by logging into the router and enabling a HTTP server. Here’s what it might look like:


7. Hit “Broadcast” in QB and give people the address found in the lower-left of QB (labeled “Location:”), but substitute your external IP for the internal IP. (This can be found using IPMenu or going to

Users will need to have an updated version of QuickTime (hint: have them enter the rtsp:// address directly in QuickTime by going to “File –> Open URL” command if they have trouble launching this in their browser)

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