How to Lead a Lousy Worship Service

In our community, we pray in small groups and then come back together for the sermon.  I've often struggled with this "break" in the flow of worship.  But maybe it is a good thing (see my italics below). 

How to Lead a Lousy Worship Service
One way to guarantee that no one will hear or remember your sermon is to make sure that they are passive for a long period of time before you preach. For example, if they sit listening to announcements and a long choral production before you begin your sermon, they will be all set for a nice nap. This is a great technique for making an awful sermon less detectable. But if you want the congregation to hear your message, make them stand up and sing or shake each other’s hands, or do some other physical activity right before you preach. They will be more attentive during your sermon and they will absorb more of what you say.

One thought on “How to Lead a Lousy Worship Service

  1. Interesting thought. I know that at my church it goes:

    Worship service, tithes, communion, announcements, short break for shaking hands etc and then into the preach. It’s the same thing each and every week – I wonder if changing the order around (significantly) would have any kind of impact…

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