Belief, Blogging, and Beyond Resources


  • Slides + Audio [10 MB quicktime; 35 minutes; the ABC News piece on bloggers as the 2004 people of the year increased the filesize significantly; therefore, I left it out.  please view the piece from the above link.]
  • Slides [1 MB pdf]
  • Audio [10 MB mp3; 32 minutes]
  • Handout [pdf]



Why Blog?

Why Not

How To



[update: more resources here.]

6 thoughts on “Belief, Blogging, and Beyond Resources

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  2. Great presentation, thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been doing some thinking about my own blogging habits recently and this has been formative in helping me think through some of it. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post all this. I think the quicktime video bugged out near the end, but it was a great presentation.

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