How to crosspost to Xanga and

I like because it allows tagging, searching, and is actively pinged by Technorati. In addition, it is hosted (read: they take care of the upgrades) and free.

But I like Xanga because many most nearly all of my friends are on Xanga.

I’ve been itching to switch completely to for the reasons stated above, but I’ve been hesistant because I am unsure how many Xanga folks would make the effort to read my blog (even though I offer both an email and RSS subscription method).

Recently I have discovered a way to crosspost to Xanga and It involves four ingredients:

  1. Free webhost which supports PHP / MySql as well as Curl
  2. WordPress software
  3. Croissanga — A WordPress plugin which posts from WordPress to Xanga
  4. FeedWordPress — A WordPress pluging which posts syndicated content (like from another blog)

Here is the workflow:

  1. Post to
  2. On your free hosted server, FeedWordPress gathers your post from your site
  3. As it gathers your post, it posts to your Xanga site using Croissanga

Therefore, here is how to set this up:

  1. Get a account
  2. Get a free host which supports PHP / MySql and Curl. [I use 100WebSpace ]
  3. Install and configure Croissanga and FeedWordPress on your free site. This free site is simply acting as “go between” between Xanga and
  4. After you post on, you’ll need to update the feed [see Setting Up Feed Updates at the bottom of the page for three ways to do this.]

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