My First Test & Other Updates

This morning from 9:05 am to 11:05 am I took my first test at seminary. The Greek placement test consisted of 35 multiple choice questions and two translations. Multiple choice tests usually are a bit easier than other forms–unless each question has a “None of the above” choice! (which this test did) LOL.

I was placed into NT 503 so every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:20 to 9:00 am I’ll be in class studying Greek. From my brief look at the syllabus it looks like we’ll be looking at Colossians. Special thanks to Brian B. for studying with me over the summer.

The only “bad” thing is that this conflicts with the Hebrew section for which I had registered. Have to work that out with registration.

In other news, Micah has a runny nose today. Also, I joined Amazon Prime (free 3-month trial) so that I could get my textbooks with free 2nd day shipping.

Tomorrow: more orientation fun! Yay!

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