It is interesting when two friends blog about the same issue on the same day.

NedFlanders80 and TowardCanaan both wrote about beauty and referenced this film from Dove.

They have both written thoughtful insights so I won’t add much except for two thoughts:

  • While the Dove campaign is targeted at women, men would do well to learn this lesson from it as well: Images of women are not reality; rather, they are usually the result of Photoshopped and manipulated pixels. [think of the implications this has regarding p0rn]
  • I always get kinda nervous when we talk about “self-esteem.” [Dove has a “self-esteem fund”]. I’m far more comfortable with “self-significance”, but poor self-esteem just seems like flip-side of pride. Both are me-centered: pride says, “I’m so great. Look at me!”; poor self-esteem says, “I’m so bad. Poor me.” It seems to me we ultimately need more God-esteem (which would then boost our self-significance).

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