Supernatural Preaching: Part One

In undergrad I undervalued all the special speakers who visited campus. It was not until after graduating that I realized what a privilege it was (or would have been) to sit under their teaching.

Hence, it was with great anticipation that I attended the first of three lectures today on preaching (the seminary has an annual special series devoted to preaching). Dr. Crawford Loritts is the speak guest speaker. His topic: Supernatural Preaching.

He is exactly the type of person I want to hear from at this juncture of my life. He’s starting preaching at the age of 16 and has been preaching for 40 years. (Which means, he admits, he’s had plenty of “dog sermons” 🙂 )

He suggested that one’s best preaching takes place when he is 50-70 years old because:

  1. He is not fearful of man anymore (for when you proclaim truth you draw a line which may offend some)
  2. He has the “marinade of life;” IOW, he has plenty of life experience.
  3. He is in the patriarchal phase of life. More of life is behind him than before him; there is an earnestness that comes only with knowing that your time on earth is nearly over.

Today Dr. Loritts shared his concerns with the state of preaching in the church. Preaching is such a unique discipline. It is not simply “giving a talk,” rather it is a supernatural encounter with God empowered by his Spirit. “Do not,” Dr. Loritts said, “stand with your Bible open and not expect transformation.”


Are not we all in need of transformation?

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