Blog Comment Replies

Thanks for all the comments over the last week or so. Here are some replies.

  • Why copy Colossians in Greek? – While I never asked the prof for his pedagogical reason, I assume it is to help us gain insight into textual criticism; specifically, to understand how variants could arise.  (Textual criticism weighs the variants in the extant biblical manuscripts.)
    It also gave me more respect for those scribes (both professional and lay) who copied manuscripts as a job!

    NB: All this talk of “variants” in the manuscripts which form the foundation for our English Bible might make you nervous. It shouldn’t. 97-99% of works of the New Testament are not in doubt, and no point of doctrine is in doubt as a result of these variants.

    Therefore, the question is not, “Do we have the correct text?,” but rather, “Is what it is saying true?” (which is then followed by, “If we affirm its veracity, will be obey?”)

  • I like the song Untitled Hymn as well.  It kinda reminds me of the song Give Me Jesus as it also goes through the time line of a man’s life.
  • Micah did not eat his weight in candy (thankfully!).
  • Psalm 110 is the most often quoted OT text in the NT.  (congrats J)
  • It is about 2-8 degrees colder here than in Indy.
  • I did read the baby photo book.  Thank you.  I wrote about it here.

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