Science and Faith

One of the most common topics I encounter when talking with students is the issue of science of faith.

Two new books address this important issue.

  • Science and Grace: God’s Reign in the Natural Sciences by Tim Morris and Don Petcher
  • Redeeming Science: A God-Centered Approach by Vern S. Poythress

Please see pages 4 and 11 [pdf] for an interview with the authors.

Here is a good quote from the Poythress interview:

CB: What do you find unfortunate about the
way in which science is taught today?

VP: God shows his majesty, power, and wis-
dom in the things that science investigates,
and science is attractive to human beings—
even those who do not consciously acknowl-
edge the existence of God—precisely because
of this display of reflections of his character.
But secular ideology today exerts constant,
systematic pressure to detach science from
God and treat it as just “there.” According
to modern thinking, the world is a product
of chance, or a product of we-do-not-know-
what. The very existence of science then has
no explanation.

This detachment of science from God
ultimately empties science of meaning. So
science in school too often becomes facts
to memorize merely in order to get a grade.
Or it becomes a story of human triumphs
in insight, but with no explanation for the
origins of insight or for why the world can
be understood at all. Or for those who are
talented in science, science becomes a means
to personal achievement, power, and intel-
lectual pride, all construed selfishly. Human
motivation for science then becomes a
hollow shell of what it could be.

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