Went to Emergency Room

Forehead Laceration

Today Micah was walking/running and then tripped into the corner of the wall. We picked him up and he was all bloody (you can see some of the blood on his bib above). He had a deep laceration on his forehead. It was horrible.

We went to the Emergency Room, and he got ~5 stitches. Besides the blood, the hardest part was having to hold him down while he got the stitches. They put him in this thing which, for lack of better term, is like a straight jacket. He was all scared by this and by the nurse holding his head while the doctor sowed him up.  The whole time I was thinking of Gen 22 where Abraham bound Isaac and nearly sacraficed him.

That said, I am thankful that we knew where the hospital was (I just asked my classmate where it was last week after Micah fell into another wall and got a big bruise). In addition, I am thankful that we have access to good medical care and that the accident wasn’t serious in the end.

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