Mac Software Essentials

With more and more people utilizing the Mac OS, I thought I’d share my picks for software.Core


  • Sidenote – Utility to jot down short notes. (Had trouble with this deleting notes!)
  • PodTube [$] – “PodTube can download, encode to MPEG4, and add to your iTunes librairy any YouTube video your are viewing with Safari”
  • SMARTReporter – Small utility “that can warn you of ATA hard-drive failures before they actually happen”
  • Combine PDFs – Combines PDFs!
  • Keyword Assistant – Makes adding keywords in iPhoto much easier.
  • FlickrExport [$] – “Provides a comprehensive set of features for getting your images from iPhoto to Flickr”
  • SilverKeeper – Free backup program
  • ScreenRecycler – “Use any networked computer as additional display in Mac OS X”
  • Screenshot Plus – Screenshot widget
  • Quicksilver – Application launcher and much more. I’ve only started to use this, but it is highly lauded by many.
  • MainMenu – Run maintenance tasks from the menu bar.
  • MenuMeters –  “A set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for MacOS X.”
  • Disk Inventory X – Shows how your disk space is being used.

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