Asian Americans: Best, but most constrained missionaries?

Two related thoughts from lunch today:

  1. Asian Americans may be very well suited for missions given their bicultural upbringing.  That is, they know how to cope with living in two cultures.
  2. But Asian Americans may also be the most constrained given the cultural reluctance toward full-time ministry (as a result of familial piety and leanings toward financial security (as a result of immigration?)?).

One thought on “Asian Americans: Best, but most constrained missionaries?

  1. Well, there no shortage of interest among Asian Americans for missions, if 29% of the recent Urbana student missions convention is a strong indicator. But how many of those attendees translate into full-time ministry or full-time missionary? Probably very few. But maybe the hope is that the convention opens people up to be great senders and supporters too, though that is no excuse for holding back those who are called and should go abroad.

    One good comparison to consider is if Asian cultural leanings toward financial security is really at play, is to see if the church in China or the church in Korea is resistant to their children’s consideration for vocational Christian ministry and/or missions.

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