Exile and the Colts

Indy goes crazy for Colts

“Exile, in theological terms, is the experience of pain and suffering that results from the knowledge that there is a home where one belongs, yet for the present one is unable to return there.”

(I. M. Duguid’s entry on “Exile” in the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology; emphasis mine)

I have previously written about the difficulty of not being able to follow the Colts in Indy this year.  But of all the years the Colts go to the Superbowl, it is the year I have voluntarily exiled myself to another city!

But to make matters “worse”–not only am I in another city, I am in the city of the opponent! What are the odds? It is like being exiled in Babylon when the 2nd Temple is being rebuilt! (kinda)

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