My Classes

Seeing that A-Quad is over in less than a week, I figured it would be a good idea to share my current classes:

  • EM500: Educational Ministries in the Local Church – Thinking critically about faith development. (A Quad only)
  • NT504: Greek Exegesis II – Translating 1 Peter. (A Quad only)
  • OT504: Elementary Hebrew II – Just finished our beginner grammar, now starting to translate Ruth.
  • H561: Theology and Methodology of Preaching – Not just a “how-to” course, but rather spending considerable time developing a theology of preaching. I wish I had had this class before coming to CCCI–or at least had been pointed to Brian Chapell’s Christ-Centered Preaching as a resource!
  • BE780: Bioethics – This is a modular course meaning we only meet twice during the semester, but each time we meet it is from Thursday afternoon until Saturday evening.

Overall I enjoy my classes very much. Quad B will bring a number of changes. For example we’ll be in “preaching labs” where you preach and are critiqued by peers and graded by the prof in a lab environment (complete with a video camera!). In addition, I’ll be adding NT505 and NT600 which, I’m told, work in tandem as we learn more about preaching the New Testament. In NT505 you do the exegetical work for the sermons which you prepare in NT600.

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