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One of my quirks is my desire to effectively manage pertinent information; there are few things more frustrating than having to spend hours looking for that piece of information that you know saw yesterday, but just can’t find now.

Currently, I’m using the following tools to try to manage information:

  • Devonthink Personal: I archive articles and jot down notes here. When I’m working a project (like a workshop or paper), I make a new folder and collate all material there.
  • Through this social bookmarking service I keep track of interesting sites. I switched from Furl about one year ago basically because it seemed like was more popular. I do miss the archive feature of Furl though–it would capture a copy of the any page you bookmark; handy if the site goes under.
  • LibraryThing: I’m slowly adding my entire library to LT. While this sounds nerdy, it is quite helpful so that you and others know what books you own. For example, here are some of my books for summer school. In addition, I enter books which I’d like to read into LT.

For bibliographies, I’ve been using OttoBib to help create them, but today I found Zotero which is a Firefox extension “to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.” At first glance, it seems to combine and LibraryThing.

At times it is frustrating to have to use so many different applications, but competition helps create better products, right?

One thought on “Information Management

  1. You could try using General Knowledge Base for all those functions. It is a free form relational database which stores all kinds of knowledge objects, such as word documents, PDF files, photos, video, executable files, and more. It also has its own integral document editor which allows searching the contents of embedded .kbd documents. There are many more features which would help you search and sort and organize your information. You can download and try it free for 30 days, and telephone technical support is free.

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