Dr. Robert Webber: 1933-2007

Clouds Again

As a student, I always think my teachers will always be there. They are, after all, the fixtures of the classrooms upon which your eyes focus and ears listen for hours upon hours.

But professors are under the curse as well, and I recently learned of the death of Dr. Webber.

As a sophomore at Wheaton I took a class entitled “Historical Theology” which traced the development of Christian theology over the last 2,000 years. Like most things in college, I did not realize the privilege it was to sit under the teaching of Dr. Webber until after I graduated. His erudition and enthusiasm were contagious. He helped me understand the beauty and goodness of liturgy and of church history. For a 19 year old student newly enamored with the latest church fad and sadly myopic when it came to our ecclesial heritage, this was a lifesaver.

Others have written better and more extensively about Dr. Webber; particularly read Al Hsu’s story (3rd paragraph down). Though I don’t remember Dr. Webber doing that in my class, that is classic Webber.

Dr. Webber, who was well known for his teaching on worship, now experiences worship beyond comprehension. For that we are thankful.

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