Expectations vs. Satisfaction

Expectations vs. Satisfaction, originally uploaded by superhua.

Do we set ourselves up for disappointment by having too high of expectations?

In about one week I’ll be officially back at CCCI. Just as I came to TEDS with high expectations, I will re-enter CCCI with high expectations. Expectations of myself, the church, and the community.

That’s not a bad thing per se. Indeed, with no expectations, we will just languish. But with too high of expectations, we feel crushed.

With both extremes excluded, should we focus on the middle–on the intersection of expectations with satisfaction? But would that not simply lead to mediocrity?

Here’s my conclusion (as of now): we should have high expectations, and when we are not satisfied, we should allow that to remind us that we live in a broken world–things are not as they ought to be. As a result, we look forward to the day when all things will be made right and live in and demonstrate grace until then.

Case Study
Ten days from today I’ll get to preach at CCCI again; it won’t be as I would have liked. Rather than sulk, I should remind myself that as long as I was faithful to the text, I was “successful” and will look forward to the day there are no barriers to the transmission or reception of the text. Further, I will trust that God will graciously use his Word to achieve his ends–despite our sinful world.

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