Round One: Mr. Reuben Falls!

We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday morning for Elia’s post-hospital visit. Because her bilirubin level was too high (21.4!), she had to be immediately admitted to the hospital for phototherapy (which means she is continually bathed in light to help her break down the bilirubin). She had two spotlights and one “billy blanket.”

At 3:30 am this morning, her level was 17; better but still too high. We expected to stay another night (we stayed overnight in order to feed her.) However, her afternoon blood test revealed that it had dropped to 14.5–still high, but allowable if she took a “billy blanket” home.

So now she is sleeping with this phototherapy system (which we rent for $175 a day!) under her back:

Billy Blanket
With that cord, she looks like a Wallaby; how fitting that the unit is called “The Wallaby 3”.

See the resemblance?:

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