CCCC Winter Conference Resources: How to keep your youth in the church.

[Note: “[*]” indicates this would be material for a small group preparing high schools for college.]


  • Center for Parent-Youth Understanding – Many great resources for understanding youth culture and issues. Of particular help may be the College Transition Initiative.
  • ‘Pre-partying’ can kick off a big night of boozing
    Study finds collegians often imbibe before events.


  • Off to College – Can We Keep Them? – This article by J. Budziszewski is an adaption of his chapter in the book Is Your Church Ready. [*]


  • LifeWay Research Uncovers Reasons 18 to 22 Year Olds Drop Out of Church – “More than two-thirds of young adults who attend a Protestant church for at least a year in high school will stop attending church regularly for at least a year between the ages of 18 and 22….In most cases, the decision to leave was not planned far in advance.”
  • Navigating the college transition – Four fundamental questions every student must ask. [*]
  • Dove Onslaught Commercial
  • Keeping faith from fraying: How parents can help children resist campus culture
  • Anchors Away Ministry
  • How to Stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski – This book focuses on a variety of issues from academics to social life on campus. [*]
  • Staying Christian in College [pdf] – Article by Pat Zukeran surveying particularly the intellectual / worldview challenges of the campus. Helpful resources included. [*]
  • Live Above – is a service of the Youth Transition Network (YTN). YTN is a coalition of many of our nation’s denominations, youth, college and military ministries working together to help our graduates connect with college and career ministries. We have developed resources for students, parents and churches that have proven to give our graduates real life reasons to connect to ministries before graduation and, a place where those connections are made easy.
  • Making a Good Handoff
  • What Type of Students Are We Developing? The State of Our Seniors
  • Understanding Your Teenager’s Doubt
  • How Not to Lose Your Faith in College

  • 12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child
  • One thought on “CCCC Winter Conference Resources: How to keep your youth in the church.

    1. Nice List =) Is this for a conference?

      Some added thoughts I’ve been having as I plan and try and lead in my own ministry.

      1. Got to ask better questions. Not just, how do we keep students in the church. It was never about keeping them in the first place, it was about empowering them to take their Christian life in their own right; to have them live out their faith wherever. If that is the case, we have to ask like Kara Powell asks (Deep Ministry in a Shallow world is a great book btw.) what kind of student are we developing?

      2. If we ask what kind of student are we developing we know where we’re aiming, what a student should look like if they have “graduated” from our church. Then we can ask 2 important questions: What are we doing that helps cultivate the kind of student we’re seeking to grow and disciple; and second, what are we doing that hinders that.

      3. There’s got to be much more intentionality of the fellowship nights, worship service, and “sunday school.” Too much reduplication. Not being strategic in using these platforms well enough. For example if we are training students to go on short term missions, why not just use the sunday school time to do that instead of adding more and more and more meetings to their already busy lives…

      anyways…thanks for the place to rant =) As you can tell Jeannette is still in Chicago on this Christmas day… =)

      MERRY CHRISTMAS! tell grace i said hi

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