Epistles, email, and courtesy.

IIRC, I recall once reading an article arguing that Paul’s grace as evidenced in his letters ought to be the model for how we write emails.  

Now I am all for graciousness and surely could improve on that count.  But I wonder if that argument confuses genres?  That is, an epistle is not an email anymore than a novel is a text message.  I used to think short emails were curt–how dare they get straight to the point?

But now that I am increasingly overloaded with information and responsibilities, I find myself appreciating such emails.  Indeed, I begun putting the following in my signature:

Q: Why is this email 5 sentences or less?
A: http://five.sentenc.es

[ht: pastorhacks]

So please don’t be offended if I write you a short email; it’s me–not you–really!  🙂

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