Preaching Christ in the Old Testament

One of the most burning questions I have right now is this: How (if at all) ought one to preach Christ from the Old Testament?


As I’ve mentioned before, in 2002 I read Bryan Chapell’s Christ-Centered Preaching and it transformed my preaching.  Suddenly it was clear that all the Scriptures were to relate to and point to Christ.  However, if I’m understanding my Old Testament profs correctly, we must treat the Old Testament texts as they stand and not infuse Christ where He is not. 

I agree that we mustn’t pull allegorical gymnastics and find Christ’s blood, for example, in the scarlet thread of Rahab.  But ought we not nonetheless point to Christ in all of our preaching–including Old Testament preaching?  What then makes our preaching distinctively Christian?

These questions have ben piqued as I’ve been enjoying the lectures by John Woodhouse on OT narrative preaching.

FWIW, my current stance on Old Testament texts that do not type Christ is to deal with the text in its literary and historical context (which doesn’t relate directly to Christ) and then shape the application/significance in distinctly Christian terms (perhaps as the secondary meaning of the text). 

This is still a work in progress of course. 🙂

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