Is it wrong to use video / music / drama illustrations in preaching?

The title says it all: “Is it wrong to use video or music or drama as an illustration in preaching?”

Some would answer affirmatively and argue that using video, music, or drama implicitly declares that the Scriptures alone are insufficient (hence the need to use these so-called “bells and whistles”).  They argue that it teaches and trains people to crave and depend on these other means (rather than the Scriptures alone) for edification.  Further, more often than not, people only remember the illustration and not the point of the illustration!  In this sense, such use is neither theologically, pastorally, or homiletically wise.  [more thoughts here]

Others suggest that Jesus’ own use of the parables is a defense of such modern storytelling.  Further, they argue, done properly, such means can be used to appropriately drive home the point of the Scripture in a honoring and edifying manner.

What do you think and why?

[Aug 2009 update: John Piper and weigh in]

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