Single-issue voting, abortion, and pro-life Christians

On Sunday I asked for any resources which argue against single-issue voting (with the issue being abortion). (Here is one that argues for it.)  Although I did not receive any from our group, I was thankful to find the following conversation between Scott Klusenforf and Tony Jones.  

I was not familiar with Scott, but had appreciated Tony’s writings in the past.  I’ve edited down the radio program so as to include just the conversation. [original source linked from here]

The gist of Tony’s perspective (which I believe is outlined more at is that Obama will work to deal with the root issues of abortion such as poverty.  This is a better way of reducing abortions, it is suggested.  (But why can’t it be a both-and?  That is, why can’t we deal with the underlying causes of abortion as well as legislate against it?)

I wish the conversation could have gone longer.  In particular, I would have appreciated hearing Tony’s thoughts on how Obama’s commitment to the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) [some info here and here] is congruent with a reduction in abortions.  

The real test will be if we in fact see a reductions in abortions in 10 years.  If not, I wonder if pro-life Christians who voted for Obama will feel duped?

Cogent and charitable thoughts are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Single-issue voting, abortion, and pro-life Christians

  1. hmm…
    well i’m not sure how much water this argument holds, but my pro-obama friends were talking about the single-issue voting based off of abortion, and basically they said this.

    Whether we elected obama or mccain, it is unlikely that they could really have any say in the abortion arena. the court case roe v. wade, despite any policies that the president might have, is unlikely to be overturned. i think that even if mccain were to take office, nothing can be done about this (Bush is pro-life too, but abortion was still legal in the US during his administration).

    The issue of abortion is important in the sharing of values with the president. However, single-issue voting about it may not be as helpful as we think, because for actual policy, not much can be done.

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