2 thoughts on “Race Question

  1. 1. If I spend any amount of meaningful time around a person, they tend to transcend the “race idea.” So, I don’t really tend to think of you as Justin the Asian or Justin the Caucasian, but if I had to say one of the two, I would say Asian, but only because I see you all the time around a bunch of other Asian people (our church).

    2. I think of Obama as African-American because I only just found out that he’s half-and-half, and because the media has made such a huge deal about him being black (or half black, I guess). And because I don’t know him personally.

  2. It’s easier for me to consider you as Caucasian because you only speak English. It’s easy to consider Barack Obama as African American because it’s been mentioned countless times over the past year.

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