Meditations on Hell

Last night when I couldn’t sleep I found myself meditating on hell.  Not a very pleasant topic to say the least.

Hell is the state and place of eternal conscious suffering.

What struck me was not the quality of suffering, but the duration of suffering: eternal.  Devoid of hope must be the most painful reality of all.

Three thoughts came as a result:

  1. While the Gospel is more than “fire insurance”, it is certainly not less than that.  Meditating on hell only serves to heighten the joy in the Gospel.
  2. While the sweetness and beauty of God is more winsome than “turn or burn” rhetoric, evangelism still ought to contain a sense of what we are saved from in addition to what we are saved for.
  3. I can understand why people refuse to believe in or water down hell.

2 thoughts on “Meditations on Hell

  1. Amen! I’ve been reading The Divine Comedy by Dante and just made it through The Inferno (Hell). Although his descriptions of the levels of the underworld are gruesome, I don’t think they reflect what -true- separation from God will look like: it will be a whole lot worse!

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