Great Weekend in Tallahassee

This weekend I had the privilege of serving at the Tallahassee Chinese Christian Church.  What a warm and hospitable community!

Four reflections:

  1. The unique bond of Christians is powerful: Although not knowing any of them beforehand (besides my uncle and aunt), the common Christian confession made meeting them very natural.  Perhaps akin to meeting family you didn’t know you had?
  2. It is nice when people introduce themselves to you.  Next time you have a special speaker, introduce yourself to him/her; s/he’ll appreciate it.
  3. I felt very at home at TCCCFL: TCCCFL is much like CCCI in that both are intermediate-sized Chinese churches in North America.  My heart beats for these “minor league” contexts (cf. my chapter in Asian American Youth Ministry).
  4. I have an amazing wife: Grace was true to her name and so gracious in parenting solo this weekend (special thanks to my parents as well!).

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