3 Reasons I Don’t Use Linux

I still remember when I first read about Linux.  It was an article in the New York times in the Spring of 1999.  “A free operating system with low requirements?!  Amazing!” were my thoughts.

As a result I gathered some old Pentium 75s and ordered my first distro of Linux.  While everything didn’t really work out that well–even a simple GUI needs a little more horsepower than a P75, I was hooked on the idea.  [btw, here are some resources for lightweight Linuxes: one, two]

Over the years I’ve enjoyed watching the maturation of Linux, and I feel that for most people Linux is a very viable choice.  However, there are three reasons I don’t use Linux (and, trust me, I’ve tried).

  1. DevonThink – I use this information manager to plan series and archive resources.  I like the fact that I can throw everything from documents to movies in it.  I wasn’t able to find anything similar on Linux (and, yes, I did look at LinuxAppFinder.com)
  2. Accordance – I know  about the Sword project, but there is no way copyrighted materials (like good commentaries) will ever be free.  Also, I know I could run a good Windows Bible program in Linux, but I’d rather keep everything in one OS to keep things simple.
  3. Keynote – I present one to three times a week and like to use multimedia.  As of yet, I haven’t found the OpenOffice suite to be as equipped to handle such multimedia.

I’m open to switching, but just can’t find suitable alternatives for these cornerstone programs.  But for regular web/email/word processing, I’d heartily recommend Linux.

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Don’t Use Linux

  1. If that’s how you count “reasons” then you could easily add a couple of hundred more. A reason would be “too difficult to learn”. Another reason would be doesn’t run that app/apps I use. You only have one reason not to use Linux. It doesn’t run the application/s you need.

  2. Typically, Richard, you can find an application that does what you need running via some free/open source project.

    I agree with the OP, though. The most important reason to use a *personal* computer is for personal reasons. Workflow is personal, and tools are personal. If you like TextMate or Omnigraffle, run a Mac. If you like Visio (still the best reason to run a Windows machine), then run Windows.

    Basically, there are tons of tools available for tons of different platforms, use the ones that work for you.

  3. DevonThink looks like two kinds of awesome, I’ll have to check it out.

    Right now, I run a Joomla server inside my workstation for this sort of thing, and I doubt I’d like DevonThink as much, since I can always copy my Joomla files to a box on the Internet and give the world access to it, and I can’t do that with DevonThink. Plus, I hate tying myself to commercial software.

    But it looks like a good alternative solution for anyone who needs a personal doc repo, and that’s a common need. You should write up a full review, I’d like to read it.

  4. @padraic2112 – Interesting! I never thought to use a CMS like Joomla for that sort of thing. The closest I got was experimenting with TiddlyWiki, but that couldn’t store files as easily as DevonThink. Are you able to store files easily using your Joomla solution?

    Also, I wrote up a simple review of how I currently use DevonThink: http://wp.me/p7S3-d5

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