My Grandma Died This Morning



The last of my grandparents stepped into eternity this morning.

It wasn’t unexpected: years of Alzheimer’s had foreshadowed her earthly end.  As Carson said in an interview with Driscoll [video here], when someone has Alzheimer’s, you say your good-byes much before their actual death.

Although you did not (probably) know her, you would have appreciated her tenacity and persistent pleasantness.  That is, not only was she was enduring in life (she is, I believe, the last of her friends to pass away), but she was ever pleasant and never bitter — despite the challenges of her life including losing a brother at a young age and living as a widow for nearly a decade.  Whether the latter was a quality of her era (where politeness was more cherished) or a characteristic bestowed by the Lord I do not know, but I am thankful for her presence in my life.

The vibrancy of life she exhibited is now eclipsed by the utter magnitude of life she currently experiences through the One who gives true life, the One who said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” (John 11:25 NIV)

3 thoughts on “My Grandma Died This Morning

  1. May the Lord comfort you during this time of saying to your Grandma, “Good bye until we meet again.”
    And may this promise Jesus gave to His followers continue to ring in your heart:
    “I am with you always, even to the end of the age!”
    Blessings to you.
    In Him,

  2. Those are some very kind words about your grandmother. I wish that I had the chance to know her personally.

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