Be a Computer Ninja!


photo by R'eyes'

If you are a knowledge worker who spends most of the day at a computer, you need be a computer ninja and develop a strategy for subduing your ever-increasing workload.  Here are four tips and my current strategy:

  1. Use as few apps as possible. The more apps, the more that can go wrong.
  2. Related, opt for web-based apps like Google Docs.  Your data is backed-up, accessible from anywhere (that there is Internet), sharing is a breeze, and you just need to use one app (your browser) to access them.
  3. Learn keyboard shortcuts. Mice and trackpads are for non-ninjas.
  4. Subscribe to your apps’ blogs.  Good apps are always evolving.  Stay current about time-saving enhancements by reading their blog.

My current strategy:

3 thoughts on “Be a Computer Ninja!

  1. Very helpful! I totally agree with the thing about keyboard shortcuts. I don’t always know where the cursor is, but I do know where certain keys are. This saves a fraction of a second hundreds of times, which really adds up over the day.

    I’ll check out the other links you recommend.

  2. A great add-on for Firefox is ShortcutKey2URL. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your bookmarks which can be incredibly useful when you combine it with things like the Readability bookmarklet, Subscribe in Google Reader bookmark, or a Save Page as PDF bookmarklet, etc. I’ve found it to be very useful when used with bookmarklets in particular.

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