Opensong + Dropbox = Crazy Delicious

After choosing your songs, you can freely and easily create your slides and have them synced with the projecting computer using OpenSong and Dropbox.

Here’s our workflow:

  1. Worship leaders have OpenSong and Dropbox installed on their computers at home. We set-up OpenSong to read/write the songs in a shared Dropbox folder.
  2. As a result, whenever anyone updates a song or set, all computers are immediately updated — include the computer which projects the slides at church.

4 thoughts on “Opensong + Dropbox = Crazy Delicious

  1. How do you point Opensong to the shared folder? I am trying to do this for my church. I can figure out how to get my folder on Dropbox but am unsure how to get others to point opensong to the shared folder location…

  2. Hey, this a great idea, one that I’m starting to use with my church. Is there a way to have opensong point to 2 documents folders – one in dropbox and one separate? So you could have a personal folder and a shared one? I’ve been trying to work something out but haven’t got very far…


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