A Good Friday Thought

I appreciate the word pictures Scotty Smith uses here (content his; formatting mine):

Yet, how can I even begin to adequately express the wonder, love and praise I feel in response to what you’ve done for me on the cross?

  • It’s like wanting to paint the most magnificent spring landscape I’ve ever seen, but with a palate of three colors and both of my arms in a cast. 

  • It’s like having a passion to write a great symphony in honor of you, but knowing I’m just a kazoo player who doesn’t read music. 

  • It’s like desiring to cook you a great banquet… with my microwave oven, a loaf of white bread and a can of cheese whiz. 

There’s simply no way I can possibly offer a response congruent to the magnificence of your mercy and the measure of your grace for me at Calvary…

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