Timebridge vs. Tungle

Scheduling a meeting is difficult because syncing schedules is difficult.

Enter Timebridge.com and Tungle.me.

No doubt many others have compared these (cf. this one), but here is my personal review.


+Like the ability to plan the agenda

+Like the ability to assign action items

+Like the easy-to-use response piece:

Timebridge Response

Timebridge Response

+Like the informative meeting reminder email (with Agenda and Action Items included) automatically sent to attendees.  Very clean and professional looking.  In addition, I find the simple “Download to Calendar” piece more pleasing than Tungle.me’s implementation (which works well in Gmail, but not so well in Yahoo! Mail):

Timebridge's "Download to Calendar"

Timebridge's "Download to Calendar"

-Don’t like the fact that I have to invite attendees through the Timebridge.com interface.  Why don’t they give me a unique URL to which I can personally point potential attendees (ala Tungle.me)?   The good news is that when they send it, the email appears to come for your primary email address.

-Don’t like the fact that invited users might feel they need to register after responding to an invitation:

Timebridge Registration

-Don’t like the fact that pleas to upgrade abound


+Like the custom URL that I can personally send out to invited attendees

-Don’t like the fact that no reminder emails are sent out


Although my review of Timebridge is shorter, Tungle is a solid service and the custom URL could be a tipping point.

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