Missional in praxis; traditional in thought.

I’ve heard the missional church described as:

  • smaller scale
  • reproducible
  • inexpensive
  • led by / with the people

(no doubt there is much more the to the missional church paradigm, but I think many would at least agree with the above four characteristics)

I resonate with those.

I’m not a big fan of large scale and expensive glitz and glamor in ministry (at least glitz and glamor as defined in a suburban American context; simply having a projector would be seen as glitz and glamor by much of the developing world).

Too often glitz and glamor distracts from the Gospel message; when the glitz and glamor is gone (or not glamorous enough), all too often the new Christian is often gone.

However, some of the missional stuff is so anti-institution and even anti-church.

I don’t resonate with that.  Yes, the current church is blemished and we need be carefully reevaluating all areas, but it just seems that the baby is thrown out with the bath water.

Hence, as of now, I’m missional in praxis, but traditional in thought.

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