Tightrope Walking as a Metaphor for Life


Imagine a tightrope strewn between two peaks. Underneath is a gently sloping valley.

A timid young man sheepishly takes the first step out. This first step is the least risky of all remaining steps for he is close to the beginning and can simply turn around and abort the mission. Further, the valley slopes ever so gently that were he to fall, it would only be a few inches. The risk is small.

But with each step he takes the risk increases.

Suddenly (or so it seems), he passes the Point of No Return. This is the spot about halfway across where to turn back would be longer than going forward, and where the valley is so far below that to fall would mean certain death.

Not to be melodramatic (too late?), I feel that is where I am in life.

A second career at this point is nearly out of the question. And the responsibilities/risks in my current state only increase.

The sanest choice is simply to





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