How to prepare and speak with a side-by-side translator

Language diversity


Give your notes beforehand. – Even if only an outline, the less surprises, the better for the translator!

Highlight specific texts (like Scripture). – It is much more difficult (and dangerous) for the translator to “wing” translating Scripture – especially when it is not necessary.

Manuscript illustrations. – These tend to require precise language (e.g. – “love interest” or “the Hulk”) and don’t translate easily.

Use stories and jokes thoughtfully. – It only clouds if it doesn’t translate culturally.

Budget 75% more time. – Side-by-side translation shouldn’t double your speaking time, but it will increase it.


Think Twitter in your phrasing. – How much could you memorize and translate at time?

Allow your translator to speak. – Don’t cut him/her off! Honestly, he/she is more important than you because the listeners only understand him/her.


Thank your translator!

Learn for next time!

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