MCCA 2014 Workshop: Do you love me more than your Phone?

Main Idea: Your phone is a revolutionary device that can hinder or help your walk with Christ.

[PDF of slides]

Revolutionary …

Hinder …

… deep relationships

The Social Media Irony

… deep life


Help …

… you connect with God

The Bible App

Go Tandem website, iOS app, Andoid app

PrayerMate website, iOS app, Android app, Amazon app

Unreached People of the Day websiteiOS app, Android app, Amazon app

… others connect with God

One Life website, iOS app, Android app

Two Ways to Live website and iOS apps

Should You Post a Selfie?

Think Before You Post

… others connect with God’s people

“Social Proof”

“People care more about what others say about your church than what your church says about itself.”  – Brady Shearer

How Many Teens are Actually Leaving Facebook?

(or not:)

Survey: Teens Say They Are Using Facebook More

Your Church Should Be Paying Attention To Instagram

20 Great Ways To Use Instagram At Your Church

Not On App Store


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