8 thoughts on “M. J.: Most famous initials?

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  2. Michael Jackson
    Michael Jordan
    Milla Jovovich
    Magic Johnson
    Mick Jagger
    Michael Jordan
    Mae Jemison
    Mraz Jason
    Mehta Jay
    Marc Jacobs
    Muhammad Jinnah
    Mickie James
    Malese Jow
    Mike Judge
    Mahela Jayawardene
    Mahalia Jackson
    Mulan Jameela
    Marion Jones
    Meera Jasmine
    Michael Jeter
    Matt Jones
    Mike Jarvis
    Michael Jackson
    Marlon Jackson
    Marc Janko
    Maya Jupiter
    Mick Jones
    Marianne Jean-Baptiste
    Martha Julia
    Marcell Jansen
    Marion Jacobs
    Murali Joshi

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